Horse Sense

Horseback riding

River Valley Horse Ranch is Open Weekends through April

Horse sense, n.:  Stable thinking.

Horseback Riding 101

  1. As with bicycle riding, helmets can be worn on riding trails. Remember to bring your own, if you are more comfortable wearing one.
  2. If you’re saddled up waiting for your group to hop on, please don’t keep kicking your horse to start the ride before it’s time. That’s gotta hurt!
  3. Hold on:)
  4. Riding horse trails is a peaceful experience, please try to be considerate and don’t raise your voice unless there is an emergency.
  5. If you’re passing another rider on the trail, let them know.
  6. Pay attention to the trail. Take it easy around low hanging trees and sharp corners.
  7. Enjoy the beautiful surroundings by disposing of trash in the proper place. The only thing that you should leave behind are hoof prints.

No hour of life is wasted that is spent in the saddle.  ~Winston Churchill

River Valley Horse Ranch is Open on the Weekends November-April 10am-Dusk.


16480 Jonathan Carver Pkwy   Carver, Minnesota   55315 Phone: 952-361-3361


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