Horseback Riding for Better Health

Trail Rides Mn

To ride or not to ride? What a stupid question!

There are so many cool resources on the Internet that share the health benefits of horseback riding. You will truly be amazed at how beneficial it really is…Fun too!

We stumbled upon a blog by Chet Day…a very simple but useful site that has a wealth of information.

A little snippet from Chet’s article on the benefits of horseback riding…Your muscles and joints are another area that can greatly benefit from horseback riding. The movements of the horse force you develop good muscle tone, this happen automatically and instinctively. While this is most noticeable in your thighs and calves, there is a a more holistic effect going on as well.

So how many calories do you actually burn horseback riding?

Not a gym person? Think about making a regular exercise regimen out of your favorite hobby. That’s what this horse enthusiast did. No matter what your age…remember horses double as friends!

Can’t think of a better reason to saddle up!

Open Weekends  10:00 am – Dusk

16480 Jonathan Carver Pkwy  Carver, Minnesota   55315

Phone: 952-361-3361


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