We Love Our Guests!

Thank you horseMy then fiance’ Rocky and I went horseback riding a few weeks ago and we loved it!! Our trail guide was Sydney and she was wonderful with her humor and sweetness. The surroundings were beautiful, the horses in the barn and pastures were well-kept as well as the barn areas…. impressive!!

Rocky rode Bam-Bam and I think it was Cimarron I rode. We both enjoyed our horses!

When we come back to ride again, we will request our horses if they are available as they were well-behaved, despite the horse flies and high humidity that can aggravate horse and human alike!! Since that time, we have had our wedding and as soon as it is not so hot, we will be calling again for a ride!

Thank you, Sydney for a wonderfully memorable ride and thank River Valley Ranch for being there for us who love horses but don’t have the time/place to keep one!!

Lori and Rocky L.


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