Horse Cartoons

Bonfires evoke amazing discussions and this past weekend … in between the Smores melting all over us … we were talking about the lack of horse cartoon characters.

Most of us remembered Quick Draw McGraw,  Gumby’s best pal Pokey and Bullseye from Toy Story.  Made us wonder why there were so few modern day horse cartoon characters.

During our search we stumbled across a list of fictional horses on Wikipedia. It brought back some great memories but still no stand alone horse cartoon characters.

Hmmm. Can’t believe Disney/Pixar hasn’t noticed this.  We did find a Walt Disney horse cartoon called  “A Cowboy Needs A Horse” from 1956.

Wish we could draw horses better than a first grader … we’d be all over this.



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2 responses to “Horse Cartoons

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  2. Erykah

    There’s “Spirit” a dream works movie. It is completely and totally about horses. I’ve watched it a thousand times or more

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